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Keep Moving Forward by foxstory Keep Moving Forward :iconfoxstory:foxstory 3 0 The Protagonist by foxstory The Protagonist :iconfoxstory:foxstory 1 0 Fox Fursona Reference 2017-2018 by foxstory Fox Fursona Reference 2017-2018 :iconfoxstory:foxstory 1 0 Lauren Reference Sheet 2017-2018 by foxstory Lauren Reference Sheet 2017-2018 :iconfoxstory:foxstory 2 0 Byron Reference Sheet 2017-2018 by foxstory Byron Reference Sheet 2017-2018 :iconfoxstory:foxstory 4 0 Silvia Reference Sheet 2017-2018 by foxstory Silvia Reference Sheet 2017-2018 :iconfoxstory:foxstory 3 0
Questions of an Alchemist
October the third, in a word: inferno
One is all, and all is one: through alchemy,
Can our battle be won? Has our trial only begun?
October the fourth, and henceforth:
No day since past may ever be undone
We must travel onward, and pay the cost
from the iron of my blood and his armor to the sun:
the same atoms recombine, and from lakes
to snowflakes, the solvent of life: all are forms of one
If in truth we are arranged matter, are our souls lost?
If one is all, and all is one, can experimental alchemy be fun?
Not in tragedy, when taboo combustion yields only exhaust
In our travels, circles, and works, what do we seek out?
Are my pocketwatch and this mercenary life worth it in the end?
Beyond the smoking ruin, what are our new lives about?
True loyalty, to a brother and friend: whatever comes our way, this I’ll defend!
Sayonara to all our past innocence, ignorance, and doubt
Now we shall set our bodies right, seek the good fight, and transcend:
“If one wishes to obtain somet
:iconfoxstory:foxstory 0 0
On Writing
writing writing writing
writing all the time
feeling very poetic
so i made this rhyme
:iconfoxstory:foxstory 0 0
Envision Fursonas
hand me your copy, I’ll gladly sign it
looking through my unduly round eyes
my anonymity begins to vaporize
as animals add human words to their toolkit
they realize the notions we idealize
my present reflection, I dislike it
my unaltered face can’t satisfy my eyes
stepping across a fabled bright line
that never existed to begin with
as we evolve by our own design
edit DNA: make an animal wordsmith
shall the animals build a great library
of nonhuman literature and art?
their ideas may prove necessary
for biodiversity on earth to not depart
I am this nucleic acid and protean mass
made of qualia and neural cells
studying hard so I may surpass
the alternatives and old parallels
my self is my fursona
not quite yet, but I am still young
beyond the eclipse and corona
nature’s secrets remain unsung
molecular tools to sculpt each iota
if genius only comes along
in storms of fabled foreign tongues
then let Canis latrans sing their song
foxes and wolves have their own lun
:iconfoxstory:foxstory 3 0
Art Adventure 3 by foxstory Art Adventure 3 :iconfoxstory:foxstory 4 2 Lauren Pixel Portrait by foxstory Lauren Pixel Portrait :iconfoxstory:foxstory 5 0 Art Adventures 1 and 2 by foxstory Art Adventures 1 and 2 :iconfoxstory:foxstory 3 4 Spaniel of Letters by foxstory Spaniel of Letters :iconfoxstory:foxstory 6 3 Face the Dawn by foxstory Face the Dawn :iconfoxstory:foxstory 6 10 Lights of a Winter Night by foxstory Lights of a Winter Night :iconfoxstory:foxstory 3 3 Fox Walks and Pounces in Snow by foxstory Fox Walks and Pounces in Snow :iconfoxstory:foxstory 41 22


This picture stands out for using a similar set of techniques to draw both the character and the background. The tufted fur lineart on ...

In 2017 and January 2018, I've added more than 30,000 words of fresh prose to the latest draft of the fiction manuscript I'm working on. Today's release (January 8, 2018) of the manuscript contains a revised version of Act I (26,000 words) plus the all-new chapters of Act II (34,000 words) to surpass 60,000 words. These additional chapters are now available to those who have expressed interest in reading beyond the original set of chapters comprising Act I. In terms of the standard three act structure for a novel, the third act remains in outline and summary form rather than standard prose. I am working to organize the story structure with chapter breaks, subplots, questions, conflicts, and larger plot arcs that leave readers wanting to read on to find out what happens next. Act I contains Chapters 1–9, while Act II contains Chapters 10–22. I can supply individual chapters or custom collections of chapters to any readers who would like read some of the story to give it a try.

I would like to sincerely thank all of the generous readers who have thus far provided their insights, questions, and commentary to inform my process as a writer. Your comments and reviews inspire me to keep writing and editing so that you can continue to experience the adventures of my original characters (OCs). As detailed on the left side of my DeviantArt profile, I'm seeking critique readers for Transpecies the novel. In brief, the story explores the premise of a future America where fursonas (and the capability to become one's fursona) are central to the plot. I am working to combine elements of young adult fiction, science fiction, and animal novels into a single narrative. I'm also working to balance utopian and dystopian elements. The utopian science fiction series Terra Ignota by Ada Palmer has particularly inspired me in terms of exploring how particular ideas, societal structures, and technologies could improve the future of civilization. The first three books all have five-star writing, and I can't wait for the fourth book coming out this year. In my own science fiction writing, I seek to explore the influence of synthetic biology on animals and ecosystems. In particular, my writing involves intelligent animals and their views of the future world that they experience through their own animal senses in various habitats.

I would like to hear from interested readers so that I can make my writing better in accordance with your own reading preferences. I aim to address your perspectives, concerns, and feedback in successive revisions and later drafts of my work. I can send free digital copies to readers via email in exchange for your comments on my work. Feel free to send me a note if you'd like your own free copy! Any constructive criticism is especially appreciated. In late 2017, I updated the reference sheets of three major characters. The chaiteaa commission below features from left to right: Byron (cross fox), Silvia (red fox), and Lauren (gray wolf)

I never knew by chaiteaa


foxstory's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Amateur digital artist, poet, and prose writer. Red fox on the inside. Lover of mountains, forests, and storms. INTJ: Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging person.

I'm looking to find new readers and make friends. Feel free to check out my gallery and talk to me. You can find animations, writing, and more through my gallery folders. Critiques on my artwork and writing are greatly appreciated.

I also have a tumblr blog and YouTube channel

Lauren, the gray wolf protagonist of my story

The above face portraits of my red fox fursona and gray wolf original character are the art of tyronniesaur. The above chibi full body caricatures are the art of Verlidaine.



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